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On Friday, June 24th, more than 30-40 participants who attended self-help Guru Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” Fire Walk, were treated for burns at a local Dallas, Hospitals.

Five of those “burn victims“have been hospitalized on Thursday night. However, the rest were treated at the scene for burns to their feet and lower extremities, Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said. Paul Gold along with many other participants went to the hospital the following morning after reviewing the injury and determining that it was serious enough to warrant medical help.

CNN reported that self-help guru Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” seminar was projected to help people to overcome their fears to awake the subconscious mind, so they can do anything.

Four months ago, I did my first fire-walk at a Robbins’ seminar in Florida and it was a very good experience; said by Paul Gold, CEO of Sport Surfaces from West Palm Beach, Florida. At the Associated Press burn unit, Paul said, it was the second time he’s walked on hot coals and unfortunately suffered second-degree burns on both feet. Mr. Gold wanted to bring his team from Sport Surfaces to work on their team building skills but unfortunately due to the firewalk issue things went terribly wrong.

Further, he added, the Thursday incident occurred because the staff members didn’t allow the coals to cool enough before adding more to the pile, which was about 3 to 4 feet wide as well as it was almost 20 feet long. I actually realized it at halfway walk over the coals that I’d suffered burns.

About the hindsight, Paul added; I thought jumping off would be a suitable idea, however, when you are in the spirit of the moment and especially performing a task, you stay focused on the task.

After his walk, Gold, 44, added, it literally felt like someone had pressed a hot iron against my feet. He also said, he saw a girl who was crying and there were others complaining about burns; his fiancee had minor burns.

Now, I have a massive fear of fire and I am not pretty sure that I could do it again. However; later, Paul mentioned he has faith in Robbins, as he helps a lot of people and the incident occurred because of the staff members who “weren’t following directions properly or there was some issue either with the type of wood that was used.”

As per the representatives of Robbins more than 7,000 people walked across the coals and only five “requested examination beyond. “Someone not familiar with the fire walk observed the event and called 911 mistakenly that hundreds of people required urgent medical attention for severe burns,” as per the statement.

The four-day seminar was planned to help people and break through any limit as well as improve the quality of their life, according a description posted on the Tony Robbins’ website. Representatives for Robbins, who is a popular motivational speaker, personal finance adviser and bestselling author, were not immediately available for comment.

A witness said the people doing the fire walk weren’t prepared for it.

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