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How many times your general physician has been repetitively telling you to do some physical work out and lose weight? Even considering the advice of your Dr. you must have visited the gym, where you might have spent hours on the treadmill and machinery hopping to have fruitful result and returned home with tiredness and body ache.

This is what happens, when you spend your time to do something you do not love. The gym is not the only place where you expect to have a toned body and good health.

Sound skeptical, right?

8 out of 10 people entering the adulthood do not understand the importance of good health conditions as they keep ignoring it with fast food habits and other lame activities. When they actually feel the need of physical fitness, rather than going for potent and cost-effective plans such as sports they set up with wrong place and plan, like mentioned above. And when it comes to natural fitness, no sports holds so much potential as Soccer.

Have you ever wondered what makes Lionel Messi, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo so fit and so much popular? Their game play is not only about the artistic play to deal with the white ball on the field; it is also about the practicing persistence that makes their physique attractive.

Soccer requires faster footwork, continuous running along with physical agility, which provides amazing benefits for mental as well as physical health.

So, I think this is the right time to bring out your sport shoes and grab the white ball because it’s the perfect way to change your outlook on well-being and body fitness. And in terms of questioning about the popularity of soccer, it is world’s most popular sport on the earth. As per the FIFA. 265 million people worldwide are involved in the play of soccer that represents 4% of the world’s population.

There are a number of reasons to play various sports, but let me tell you how does soccer improve our bodies and well-being.

benefits of soccer game


Every player of soccer is constantly moving, thanks to its constant mix between, sprinting, jogging and all-out running. In one game of soccer a typical player runs around 7-9.5 miles. All the exercise increases your heart strength, aerobic capacity and boost your stamina to indulge in vigorous activity for longer periods before run out of the energy. Trust me, increased stamina is really a wonderful asset in all the aspects of your life.

Coordination and Brain Function

Once you will start playing the game, you will get to know that there is more than chasing just a ball around. Along with running you develop a superior co-ordination to zigzag your way through a field of opponents. However, you are mostly moving the ball with feet and hand-eye coordination.

The constant change in pace and keeping your eye on the ball means you are concentrating intently as well as making fast decisions throughout. It also helps to exercise your mental muscle.

Mental Health

Whenever a therapist encounter a person who is experiencing a depression the first thing he will ask a person is  “How often do you exercise?” Physical exercise increases the production of endorphins, which is also known as feel good brain chemical and it helps to improve your mood.

Regular physical activity helps to look fit and stay in shape. You will be more proud of your appearance and be more confident and feel better about yourself. All such things develop a real sense and helps to reduce stress level naturally.

Muscle and Bone Strength

Soccer is not the choice of bodybuilders, but it is nonetheless wonderful at helping you develop and build muscles. All of the running on the ground and kicking a ball typically helps to strengthen leg muscles. Along with lower half it also benefits your upper body and helps to gain strength by holding off opponents and executing effective throw-ins.

health benefits of playing soccer

Reduces Body Fat

An excessive fat on your body is a real drag on your heart. You should undoubtedly work harder to lose stubborn body fat. Excess body fat can lead to diabetes and rigorous exercise like playing a soccer game burns calories. When it is mixed with a proper diet, your percentage of body fat will stay at safe levels.

Soccer is one of the best sport for your overall health and it’s a marvelous way to keep fit.

Take away

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