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Pickleball Court Conversion and Construction

Adding or converting Pickleball court lines and posts is a new great and fun way to get a lot more out of just having a standard tennis courts. Here are Sport Surfaces we can either add a pickleball court to an existing tennis court or convert the court to be exclusively used for pickleball. Note: when a tennis court is used exclusively for tennis we can add (2) pickleball courts for each tennis court.

Pickleball Court Specifications

When we are just adding pickleball court lines to a tennis court we usually try and use line colors which are in the same color tone but are either darker or lighter than the tennis court playing surface. We find that this allows pickleball players to differentiate the tennis lines while giving the courts a good appearance.getting confused and allowing tennis players to continue to enjoy tennis with little or no interference from the pickleball lines.

  • The court dimension is 20 feet wide x 44 feet long for both singles and doubles matches.
  • A total playing area 30 feet wide x 60 feet long. Note: this is a minimum size. Most players prefer to have a standard size of 34’ x 64’.
  • Lines size should be 2” (same width as tennis court lines) and it is recommended to have a contrasting color in the same color family that is currently on the playing surface of the tennis court. We have found that too great of a contrast leads to confusion for tennis players.

Here is some useful terminology about the Lines and Areas of the Pickleball court

  • The lines parallel to the net at each end of the court are called the baselines.
  • Lines which run perpendicular to the net on each side of the court are the called the sidelines.
  • The lines on each side of the net between the sidelines that are parallel to the net are the non-volley lines. These lines are located 7’ from the net.

Pickleball Net and Post Specifications

  • The official net size is 22′ L x 3′ H. We recommend that the materials are 3mm polyethylene and that a 23 oz. vinyl headband is used. Fiberglass dowels are also recommended.
  • Net Height. It is recommended that the net be 36” high at the sidelines and 34” high at the center of the court.
  • Center Strap. The same strap used for tennis is also used for pickleball but is set at a height of 34”.
  • Net posts should be placed 22’ on center and the post height is 36”

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