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It’s a pretty sight to think. Imagine your friends and relatives come home, and gathered around your new bocce ball court, tossing wine glasses and having a warm conversation at the lovely evening. If you are also mesmerized by the tempting charm of Bocce ball game like me and want to construct your own Bocce ball court at home, then go ahead and read on.

Most people have never heard about Bocce ball with the court looks like Area 51’s landing strip, until it became the favorite game of everyone these days.

The history states that Bocce is a game that is centuries old and traces its origin to Egyptian era and ancient Rome. This lawn game came to America with the immigrants from Europe, where it’s been played since the ancient Roman era. The game is much similar to bowling and other backyard games. Unlike to other sports game, Bocce Ball game is affordable as you don’t need to buy a table or a net. You can add extra charm to your next party or picnic trip by playing Bocce ball with your friends and family.

history of bocce ball

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Here are some important facts about Bocce Ball court design and construction to consider:

Where should it be located?

Bocce Ball is fun and easy game which can be played by all the ages, that makes it a popular Backyard game. Unlike basketball courts and other multi-game courts, bocce courts don’t actually need to be installed to the backyard. Because they’re so long and narrow, they’re well suited to side-yard construction.

Most importantly, if you have some unused space next to your home, that can easily convert into this fun lawn sport.

Traditionally, the Bocce ball game is played on a long and narrow court. Court sizes differ and depend on the players how much they want to play. Not only side yard, Bocce ball court can be easily constructed on odd shaped lawns.

Construction Parameters of the Bocce Ball Court

Before you begin, dreaming and taking your expectations on a new high to play Bocce ball, you need unused flat space in your home backyard and a good Bocce ball construction and design company like sport Surfaces.

For a great sporting experience, there’s lots more in design consideration in the construction of Bocce Ball Court. The most important consideration in Bocce ball construction beside, unused space are, surface material, a size of the court, moisture, and grade.

Surface selection

The ideal material choice for a Bocce court is porous, because of their ability to minimize the effect of bounce. Other materials also include sand, decomposed granite, crushed oyster shells (Oyster Blend bocce ball court), Har-Tru clay court or even a synthetic court. And the synthetic court is the great option as it requires less maintenance and gives a fun experience of playing.


Besides minimizing the effect of bouncing, you should also take care of the drainage system as the first requirement and keep your court as dry as possible.

Do make sure, that you use a flat surface to construct a Bocce Ball Sourt, otherwise you will finish your game by throwing your ball into the corners. You should also construct the border wall around the court to keep the ball in bounds. By considering Landscaping around the court using shrubs, flower beds, and some other landscape structures, you can give a fresh look to your Bocce ball court.

Bocce Court Size

For the authentic playing experience, the court size should be 90 ft by 13 ft. I recommend having at least, 70 ft by 10 ft, as it is standard court size. Whether you build Bocce ball court for commercial purpose or personal, accurate size markers are important to consider.

Bocce Court Size

Whom To Hire?

Bocce ball court construction is time-consuming that includes activities like court design, surface digging and foundation processes, drainage system, and grading. We can be your one stop solution to start with.


Wrapping Up

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Bocce ball may be a pastime game, but it is much popular backyard sports in America these days.

Are you thinking about building a Bocce ball court in your backyard or side yard space? SportSurfaces can help! Our licensed and expert professionals offer quality bocce ball court construction and design services. Our service also includes a free site evaluation supported with a written proposal on building your bocce ball court. No matter what size of court you want to consider, our expert contractors will guide you in selecting a surface material and ensuring your bocce ball court has accurate foul lines and markers with customized Bocce ball construction solution. Just fill out our contact form given below on the page to have one of our experts to get in touch with you.

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