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Pickleball is a racquet sport, which is a combination of tennis, badminton & ping-pong. This fun & family-friendly game was invented in the 1960s by a family who was battling the boredom. However, the charm of the game is still alive, currently Pickleball is being played and loved by every state of the USA. The interesting name of this game was kept on the family’s spaniel as he loved to steak missed balls and hide them.

This sport is suitable for virtually everyone from age 5 to 65 as it is easy to learn, but still challenging because the intensity level increases as the players’ skills do. Pickle ball is an extremely social sport, which promotes adaptability, resilience and socialization. This sport is touted as the fastest growing sport in the nation and providing new opportunities to meet new people with a shared interest so everyone can gain unexpected benefits along the way.

How you can have loads of fun trying out Pickleball.

7 Reasons Why Pickleball Game Is So Much Fun

Enjoyed By People Of All Ages

Your grandparents may be older, but the mean game of Pickleball dominates the competition!

Require Smaller Place Than A Tennis Court

An official Pickleball facility is about 3-4 times smaller than a tennis court. It means longer rallies and occupy less real estate space. The small playing area of the court makes it a great choice for most backyards.

Pickleball Has Fun/Social Aspect To It

Pickleball is downright fun and it is an extremely social sport. Along with socialization the play also promotes resilience and adaptability. Pickle ball facility also provides ample of opportunities for laughter and fun so, a sense of well-being also helps to reduce stress.

An Opportunity For Spirited Competition

On the contrary of fun and social aspect, Pickleball can also quench the competitive thirst for “cutthroat.” Whether you are playing in a USAPA sanctioned event, participating in the senior Olympics or competing against your nemesis, Pickleball presents various opportunities for spirited competition.

Health Benefits

The game has numbers of health benefits to offer like, boosts immunity, revs up energy levels, lowers blood pressure along with strengthens and relaxes muscles. Pickle ball is a sport, which has a primary goal – fun and that’s an extremely healthful objective.

Break Up The Monotony

Pickleball is a great activity for recreation. It’s a different game from the usual golf or swimming in the morning. It’s more interactive and overall fun!

On the contrary of power, speed and strength, It’s about strategy, patience and placement

This is the only game, where you can have an 15 year old boy, an 65 year old grandfather, a pregnant woman and 10 years old daughter all playing a Pickleball game on the same court together, ALL is having fun. This uniqueness makes Pickleball game so much fun.

Pickleball Game


If you are planning to build a Pickleball court in your backyard or side yard space, then I am very much sure that listed above benefits are enough to make you convince. A game of Pickleball is suitable for all the ages of people and if you are planning to build your own Pickle ball court or want to resurface your existing your Pickleball court, then we can be your one stop solution.

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