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health benefits of building a tennis court facility
Playing tennis is a great activity as it gives your body and mind a workout that lets you enjoy the ardour of head-to-head competition. Some sports enthusiasts referred tennis as an all over workout, because it helps to burn 498 calories an hour and tennis is the play where sport, fun and fitness meet.

If you are planning to build a tennis court, then it is a great way to keep you and your family active. Tennis has numbers of benefits to offer, let me get you through the health benefits of playing tennis to get it started.

Health Benefits Of Building A Tennis Court Facility In The Convenience Of Your Home Or Community

Full Workout And Muscle Development

The game of tennis requires the coordination of the body. Use your lower body for running, stopping, starting, jumping and crouching activity. And at the time of hitting the tennis ball, whether it’s single or double-handed, your trunk does a lot of workouts as well, in particular, your shoulders and upper back.

Improve Cardiovascular Function

As per the doctors, playing 1-hour tennis is equal to the hundreds of little sprints. The quick running, stopping and jumping activities in the tennis help to burn fat and increase your oxygen intake. The oxygen intake increases the flow of nutrients and blood supply to the heart muscles. Lowering high blood pressure, maintaining a healthy body weight, lowering bad cholesterol, and reducing stress, are keys to help in the prevention of heart disease — and playing tennis can help you with all of the above things.

Improves Your Tactical Thinking And Brain Power

Tennis is based on the geometry and physics. It helps to develop tactical thinking just similar to playing a game of chess. Since, the gameplay of tennis involves alertness and tactical thinking to select shot patterns, the sport helps to generate a new coordination between nerves in the brain.

Health Benefits Of Building A Tennis Court Facility In The Convenience Of Your Home Or Community

Enhance Your Flexibility, Coordination, And Balance

Playing tennis regularly helps to improve the ability to synchronize movements of your body parts, which can have benefits that carry over to other areas of your life. The more you play tennis, the more you develop the skills in body balance, eye coordination, speed, and footwork through a variety of techniques and movements. The better you play on the courts, the more you can expect these attributes improve the other areas of your life.


Tennis trains the body and mind that effectively handle physical and mental stress. You’ve probably never even thought about this before, but tennis teaches you a powerful lesson of life, that ups and downs are part of life as you win and lose regularly on the court, and it promotes good sportsmanship since you have to make your own line calls and do so honestly.


All of these health benefits mentioned above make a play of tennis one of the most beneficial sports in terms of physical, mental and emotional coordination. Build a tennis court facility at your home to achieve all of the listed benefits. SportSurfaces is specialized in all the types of tennis court construction services, whether it is construction, designing or resurfacing, we have the expertise to do it all. We also own special expertise in the construction of basketball court, Bocce ball court and running tracks for homeowners, schools, and communities.

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