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Figuring out about how to procure a new sport facility can be little challenging for schools, as they do not have an accurate and precise idea about what is the convenient and most suitable sport surface field for their school playground area. Thus, we are here to help you with all the tricky bits of the process that is confusing.

There might be so many possibilities and so many different reasons why you want to have a new sport facility; it can be for the purpose of P.E. learning environment, as an income generation source outside of school hours or it can be also used to boost the prestige of the school. However, before you jump straight into a particular sport surface and make a selection there are so many important things to take into consideration. Like, could an existing court be resurfaced, I mean improved or converted? Could you link up with a local sports club/leisure center? Could you share resources with another school?

School Before Obtaining A New Sport Surface

Like above, consider all the different prospects and answer all the questions so you can easily make a better choice and take a wise decision.

If you have identified the need of sport surface facility in your school playground, then what happens next? Then the very next thing is to answer the questions listed below;

  • What kind of sports the facility will use as the principal purpose?
  • Are you interested in an environmentally friendly surface?
  • How often/intensively will the facility be used?
  • Measure the level of competition to be played on the facility, will it be international level or Community use?

Once the above questions have been answered, our team will visit your place, will examine everything in detail and then will help you to select the best type of surface for your school. We own a pool of experts and based on our skillful proficiency, we will help you with facility size, playing lines, fencing, planning considerations, along with existing ground conditions.

If funding is the concern, then there are plenty of options, you can take the help of local authority support. Like applying for external grants is one of the convenient options or you can also go with school fund raising schemes. There is a range of grant source options. If you are struggling to raise funds we also have special Facility Finance Options. To find out more information just reach us on the given address. In terms of lifespan and permanency, the new surface will depend on how well you look after it. By adapting the correct maintenance regime, you will extend the life of your sport court.


We have an extensive experience,in all aspects of court construction field, whether it is sport court installation, sport surfaces or tennis surfaces, whatsoever your requirement is we have a proven track-record for performance and longevity. We are top rated sports surface construction company in Florida. You can also hire us for court design, court construction or as a court resurfacing contractor in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation or all around the Florida. For further more information or guidance for your project contact us on (888) 423-1120 or drop us an email [email protected]

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