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You have spent money on your court and now it is time to protect your investment.

With Sport Surfaces Top Tier 12 point Gold maintenance program. With this program you can be assured that your court will remain looking great all year long and provide you years of fun, unparalleled performance and continue to always look new!

Here at Sports Surfaces we believe that the key to successful business is having the right product/service at the right time, offering the best quality for the lowest price. We are continually striving to be the most innovative, creative, service minded company in the tennis industry.

We have over 100 years of combined experience and our highly skilled technicians are trained to perform all phases of athletic court construction, resurfacing and maintenance.

Sports Surfaces has installed top quality athletic courts right in your neighborhood and all over the world. Our Company has a long list of satisfied customers ranging from the US Coast Guard to top seated players.

In addition we carry a full line of sport court equipment, accessories and lighting products


These services will be performed (2) times / year.

  • The Contractor will pressure clean and power blow court(s) as necessary to remove loose dirt, mildew and oil.
  • The Contractor will check the court to ensure that no new depressions have developed and examine the integrity of the court for any signs of settlement.
  • The Contractor will repair cracks up to 100’.
  • The Contractor will repair hydrostatic bubbles up to 10 square feet.
  • The contractor will check the integrity of the fencing and add ties as needed and make any recommendations.
  • The contractor will check the condition of the gate and make any adjustments as needed.
  • The Contractor will check the tennis net to ensure that it is in optimal condition and replace the center strap as needed.
  • The Contractor will empty the garbage bin / tidy court as needed.
  • The Contractor will sand and paint existing net posts as needed and check for integrity.
  • The Contractor will spray ant killer and a soil sterilant should we find the intrusion of either on the court.


These services to be provided (1) time / year

  • The Contractor will apply (1) Coats of Acrylic Color Concentrate (two-tone),
  • (Colors may be selected by visiting
  • The Contractor will accurately locate, mark, and paint two inch wide playing lines in accordance with U.S.T.A. regulations using white textured heavy bodied acrylic latex paint.
  • The Contractor shall thoroughly and expediently clean up all drums, trash, etc. upon job completion.


  • Option I: Contractor will install (1) pair of new net posts to exceed U.S.T.A. specifications. New net posts are set in existing sleeves. Add $ 350.00/pair
  • Option II: Contractor will install (1) new Edward’s Tennis Net Add $250.00 each
  • Option IV: Contractor will cut out and patch ________SF of root damaged asphalt @$7.00 /SF ADD_$

Here is a list of some of our local Branch Offices:

  • Broward County Sports Surfaces 954-828-0116
  • Lee and Collier County Sports Surfaces 239-349-3722
  • Hillsborough and Pasco County Sports Surfaces 813-445-7290
  • Indian River County, Martin, St. Lucie Sports Surfaces 772-621-2899
  • Dade County, Monroe County (The Keys) Sports Surfaces 786-800-2511
  • Orange, Seminole, Volusia and Orlando Sports Surfaces 407-477-5508
  • Palm Beach County Sports Surfaces 561-964-2001

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