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“Use Of Synthetic Turf for sport surfaces is growing 10% to 15% a year in the U.S”

Synthetic turf has made significant advancements and has come a long way in the last three decades. Technological advancements have led today’s turf into a completely different playing field, what once felt like plastic and unnatural has transformed into a lush and realistic replacement for the traditional ground cover.Today’s new-generation synthetic turf systems are manufactured with high technology and high-utility materials that make it long lasting and extremely durable and this what essentially replicates the look and function of real grass surfaces. The new synthetic turf is offering even more options in terms of color,styles and sizes. Whatever your requirement is Whether you’re outfitting a backyard, a baseball field synthetic turf is a smart choice for more reasons than you think.


These valuable traits of synthetic turf make it a viable choice in an exploding array of applications, i.e. sports arenas and stadiums,bocce ball courts,golf courses,playgrounds,etc.With proper care and maintenance, your turf can last up to 25 years or longer without having to be repaired or replaced.

Apart from look and feel, synthetic turf surface is much more than that. Earlier, a large number of people weren’t paying close attention that a quiet revolution in synthetic-turf technology was creating platforms of new sophistication. As today’s turf is accurately designed to closely incite the most realistic simultaneous interpretation of natural grass. We want our customers to adore the increased efficacy with this reasonable luxury without too much considering the artificial component.

Synthetic turf is one the athletic field. As its high-quality synthetic-turf offers a number of noteworthy similarities to natural turf and offers even more advantages. Do have a look:

  • Always ready to go, as you can use the surface without interruption because of its adverse conditions
  • Preventive maintenance costs and downtime for repair
  • Environment friendly surface as it does not require watering or chemical fertilizers
  • Promotes better and diverse usage of outdoor spaces
  • Unused outdoor spaces can be transformed into multi surface play area
  • As per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and 50 other independent and government studies it is demonstrably safe
  • Can last up to 25 years or longer

Synthetic turf’s usage is not only limited to the athletic field as more than 8,000 multi-purpose synthetic turf sports fields are already in use. In today’s busy world, low maintenance and durability are the most considerable points to the customers. This is the reason, businesses, homeowners and sport surfaces are making use of synthetic turf for their tennis court, basketball court, multi surface play area, golf courses, and even for spaces like highway medians.

Synthetic turf


The recreation as well as resurface applications for synthetic turf systems has dramatically increased because of the quality, utility, and improved technology systems.If you are planning synthetic grass tennis courts, I would highly recommend you to consider installing synthetic turf. As it is worthy high-utility option and we assure that you will be pleasantly surprised with the synthetic field turf

If you need any advice or help with synthetic turf resurfacing or synthetic turf system, please fill the contact form and we will get back to you with some helpful information regarding synthetic turf maintenance, costs and quotes. To find out more, please visit our website at where you can find details of all of our sport surfaces products and services.

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