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Plexitrac systems are considerably one of the most advanced running track surfaces. It is designed to provide runners the highest levels of safe training performance for competition. Usually, plexitrac high performance track surfaces are designed with the proprietary Poly-Resin binders strike, which is the perfect balance of dynamic running performance for athlete safety.

Plexitrac maintains a long-term commitment by providing runners a technologically advanced track systems. At Sport Surfaces, all of our track systems are being developed to minimize musculoskeletal stress and fatigue, thus it is reducing the probability of injuries and accidents.

Plexitrac Systems embody today’s most innovative technological advances and are the preferred running tracks for thousands of new installations around the world. Plexitrac Systems are also the smart choice for retexturing, rejuvenating and enhancing existing asphalt, SBR latex, urethane and rubber – asphalt running tracks. Plexitrac Systems are formulated to be the most durable, water-based, resilient track surfaces on the market today. Plexitrac Systems meet or exceed the IAAF requirements for spike resistance, force reduction, modified vertical deformation, and slip resistance.

Proven running track surface, suitable for all climatic conditions

Our proprietary coating system protects Plexitracs against fade and degradation from the heat and sun even in harsh UV environments. The granular EPDM rubber meets the IAAF requirements for slip resistance, a common challenge in rainy climates like the Northwest US and much of the Florida. Plexitrac Systems resist the snow and winter cold that degrade lesser running tracks.

Plexitrac researchers in conjunction with leading scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have found that installation of a full thickness, shock-absorbing surface is crucial in achieving proper safety for the athlete. Detailed track construction specifications developed for Plexitrac provide an accurate quality.


Environmentally Friendly Running Tracks

Plexitrac’s unique structural mix of water-based resins provide a durable, cohesive, non-toxic and environment friendly athletic track surface, which meets the rigorous standards set by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF).

We at Sport Surfaces, use recycled and post-industrial components in each of the formulations. This manufacturing choice minimizes the exploitation of petroleum and wood resources. All of the Plexitrac running track products can facilitate valuable credits under the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED rating system.

Four Distinct, All-Weather Track System

Plexitrac offers four distinct, all-weather track systems to meet the demands of decision makers, athletes and budgets:

  • Plexitrac XP Accelerator
  • Plexitrac Accelerator
  • Plexitrac Surfacer
  • Plexitrac Lightning
  • Plexitrac Flash

Each track system provides unique characteristics and attributes suited to the needs of individual customers.

  • Can be Customized to All ITF Pace Ratings
  • Adjustable Level of Cushioning
  • Increases Health and Longevity for Players of All Ages
  • Leading UV Formulation Protects Pigmentation Against Color Fading


Outstanding Service and Support

We are a Florida based renowned running track resurfacing provider. We are proficient plexitrac track surfaces installer. We are a team of professionals, who have been fully trained and have the necessary experience to do the job right. We believe in providing high quality running track track surfaces services all around the Florida including, Altoona, Altha, Bartow, Bascom Bing Pine Key and many more cities around the Florida.

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