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Tennis Court Fence Installation in Florida

Sport Surfaces can also install your tennis court or basketball court fence. The fence serves a variety of function from keeping the balls in, securing the court or facility. The fence can also act as the first line in security protecting your surface from potential vandalism or allowing you the ability to limit play times in communities.

Whatever your court or facility fencing requirement are we can offer you the perfect fencing to meet your budget and court requirements.

Type of Fencing materials with performance in mind

Depending on your application there are numerous different grades of materials that are available for your project. We will help you choose the right fencing product keeping your use and budget in mind.

Fence layouts for Tennis Courts with customers needs in mind

We treat every new project individually and try to give our customers all of the pro’s and con’s associated with various different types of fencing. Most of our residential customers people prefer to have a 10’ height on the back ends of their tennis courts and 30’-40’ along the sides. This should adequately keep the balls in the court where they belong. Some of our customers however, prefer to have the traditional 10’ high fencing around the entire perimeter of the court to keep more balls inside. One popular fence style is to drop the center portion of the court fence down to 3′, 4′ giving the spectator greater court visibility. Not only is this method more aesthetically pleasing but will save you money as well. On our clay installation we usually steer our customers to have 8′ fence versus more traditional 10′ height. We have found that due to the fact that the ball typically does not bounce as high in clay court applications 8’ high fencing usually will suffice.

Line Poles and Terminal Posts

These posts are the fundamental structure of the fence. We recommend (3″) terminal poles and 21/2″ line (middle) poles. These poles are available in 3 different quality grades (tubing is normally only used for temporary applications):

  • SS 40 – Commercial grade great for Florida and other areas in the hurricane belt
  • SS 20 – Medium grade poles are the industry standard for residential application and will normally get the job done while keeping budget in mind.
  • Tubing – Low grade poles normally used in temporary applications

Top Rail

Top rail is used to provide the framework for the fencing, which will support the wire mesh. We recommend 1 5/8″ diameter poles for most fencing systems. These horizontal poles are available in 2 different quality grade

  • S 40 – Strongest poles available and recommended for most tennis courts in hurricane prone areas
  • S 20 – Medium grade poles for budget conscious and will normally get the job done.

Fence Fabric

The fence mesh is provides the barrier that keeps the ball inside the court. We primarily use a 1 3/4, 8 gauge fence fabric. This mesh is available in either black or green and is highly resilient to bending.

Windscreens can provide the final touch of elegance and wind control.

Wind screening is generally the last thing to be installed on any court and not only looks great but functions to help prevent wind from interfering with your game. Sport Surfaces. carries a full line of tennis court windscreens.

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