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Whether you are an educational academy that is eager to let Wimbledon fever inspire your Physical Education curriculum or you are a tennis club looking to produce the next Roger Federer, when it comes to a new tennis court installation, there are numbers of different playing surfaces for you to choose from. The type of tennis court surface that you play on can have a major influence on how the game is played as well as on the effects of tennis on your body.

Different types of courts favor different types of tennis players. Each individual tennis court has its own advantages and it offers unique challenges to its players.

Basically, it has a variety of surface materials like, grass, clay, synthetic hard courts, acrylic hard courts, and carpet. All these courts have their own benefits and all these court results in a very different bounce of the tennis ball.

This is the reason, each of the four major tennis tournaments is played on different surfaces. Wimbledon always uses 100% rye grass to adjust the stress, and it is considered as slower than other grass surfaces. The French Open however, uses crushed shale, stone or brick while the US open is played on hard acrylic surfaces and the Australian Open on synthetic hard courts.

For sure, you might be wondering, but what exactly are the differences, how do they affect performance and play and which surface is best?


clay tennis court construction

Clay courts are constructed of compressed shale, stone or brick. These courts are generally associated with the french open. The bounce of the ball tends to be higher and slower on clay than it is on grass. However, clay court is relatively easy and cheap to install. These courts characteristically favor baseline players and encourages a more patient game. These courts are most popular in Europe and Latin America.


Grass tennis court construction

Tennis courts with grass surfaces are not that common today as they used to once. The reason behind it is high maintenance costs of constant watering and mowing. These surfaces are more impacted by weather conditions than clay or hard court surfaces are. The player efficiently needs to get the ball much quicker, than the clay or hard court. So the player with a stronger serve and volley skills has chances to actually perform better and Wimbledon is the signature of the grass court.

Hard Courts

Hard court tennis court construction

The main materials for hard courts are asphalt and concrete and are the most common type of surface as they are easy to maintain. So the hard courts can range from faster to slower means more sand on the court, the slower the ball speed. Hard courts tend to equalize the playing field in terms of athletic style. An acrylic hard court is used in the US Open and a synthetic for the Australian Open.

Because of its cheapest maintenance hard courts are favourable choice and have been installed everywhere from the White House and the Sony Ericsson Open to high schools and tennis clubs around the world.


Carpet tennis court construction

Carpet courts are removable tennis court surfaces. These court surfaces are generally made from several materials, from artificial turf to hard rubber. In general, carpeted courts make for a faster game.

These four popular types of tennis court surfaces offer particular benefits for different types of players. Traditional hard courts are quite neutral, but faster paced, whereas a clay court is ideal for defensive players a special thanks to the slower ball movements. Then there’s the joint-friendly, slip-resistant polymeric courts and the hugely versatile artificial carpet courts that allow year round play!


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Henry Killingsworth
Henry Killingsworth

What you said about how certain types of tennis court materials favor certain types of players was really interesting to me. If I were to guess, professional players probably want to play on a material that gives them a lot of traction so that they don’t have to worry about falling down. It would be interesting to learn more about what the courts that the professionals use are made out of.

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