TopScore™ is the world’s first digital, 2-sided, net-mounted, self-scoring tennis scoreboard. Each board comes with a net post bracket (round or square depending on the customer’s requested size & specs) and post, as well as a cover. There are two sizes of allen/hex wrenches included to install the bracket, and tighten/loosen the post. TopScore™ requires two double AA batteries, which are also included in the purchase and shipping of TopScore™. The shipping box is custom made, with protective foam inside – as well as the TopScore™ logo on the outside.

TopScore™ features include up/down arrows for sets/games, reset button, changeover button, home /visitor function and features rounded top corners for safety.


TopScore™ comes in three colors – 1.) White panels with dark green text and dark green outer board trim, 2.) Dark green panels with white text and dark green outer board trim, or 3.) U.S. Open blue with blue text and dark blue outer trim. The TopScore™ cover comes only in white with dark green text.

Misc Items

A security cable/lock is available for purchase for $20.00.

TopScore™ Dimensions/Weight
17” wide x 12” tall x 1 ¼” thick
Weight – 5lbs, 6 oz

Net Post brackets – ROUND
3” posts (also fits 2 7/8”), 3 ½ “posts and 4” & 4.5” posts.

Net Post brackets – SQUARE
3” posts, 4” posts

Net Post brackets – CUSTOM
Requests for a bracket size other than the sizes listed above may cost extra.


TopScore™ uses highly readable E-paper technology (controlled by Topspin Sport’s proprietary circuitry) . Power is supplied by 2-AA batteries. The estimated life of the batteries can be anywhere from 6 months – 2 years , depending on the quality of batteries used and/or daily usage of the board. The front and back panels of TopScore™ are an anti-glare outdoor grade polycarbonate material. The outer shell of TopScore™ is aluminum powder coated with the highest grade material available, which will hold up under normal weather conditions without fading or rusting. The inside construction is carbon steel.

Steel Posts

The TopScore™ posts have been specifically manufactured with a grooved top that keeps TopScore™ from moving due to wind or breeze. The machined top of the post allows TopScore™ to firmly set in place at 90 and 45 degrees……When you first position TopScore™ on your net, be sure the board is at a 90 degree angle before you tighten the set screw.

Performance – TopScore™ is designed for use on both indoor and outdoor courts, performing well in both lighting conditions. Though continuous strikes of a tennis ball would not be considered “normal use” and is not recommended for any piece of electronic equipment, TopScore™ will withstand the occasional impact of a hard hit tennis ball…..

Weather and Maintenance

TopScore™ is recommended for use in normal tennis weather conditions, between 5© (41 degrees) and 50© (120 degrees). If weather exceeds or falls below the normal recommended weather variance, TopScore™ should be taken off court and replaced when weather is back to recommended playing conditions…..

TopScore™ comes with a high quality white cover which should be used when TopScore™ is not in use, especially at night. The cover is not designed to completely protect TopScore™ from heavy rain or other extreme weather conditions, so removing TopScore™ from the court during rain storms or excessive heat/cold is recommended.