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Sport Court® Construction

If you need a versatile, safe, affordable athletic flooring area for your games, consider constructing a sport court® – multi-purpose court.

Sport court® or multi-purpose court construction in Florida

Do you love to play multiple sports to elevate your fitness levels and improve your game techniques? Athletes are constantly looking to get an edge on their competition, whether they play for leisure or for tournaments. They require premium court surfaces for training, and an outdoor multi-sport court® is the ultimate in game options.

If you need a versatile, safe, affordable athletic flooring area for your games, consider constructing a sport court® (multi-purpose court). These types of courts are the perfect solution for the athlete who plays or competes in multiple sports during the week.

Sport Court® Specialists

Sport Surfaces are experts in the sport construction industry with over twenty years of experience. We would love to assist you in building your new court for your home or community facility.

Our company is one of the top recommended Florida sport construction companies, having successfully built several sport courts® for our customers.

Sport Surfaces team members can design and customize your new sport court® according to your specifications. We have the ability to accommodate your designated area, and all of your sport requirements. Take the hassle out of doing construction, and allow our certified, licensed sport court® contractors create your new game court surface.

When building your new court, you also have the option to convert your old backyard tennis court or basketball court into a multi-sport® court. We offer you a range of sports flooring, colors, equipment, and line options to distinguish each different game area. We can create a phenomenal game surface for any outdoor sport including Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Foursquare, Shuffleboard, Pickleball, and more.

These courts are specially designed with a flat, speedy surface to facilitate the ball’s movement for any sport. Bring more family and friends to your home to play any game together. 

You can also attract more customers to your sport’s facility with multiple sport choices to play.

About construction services

If you’re ready to build a brand-new sport court®, our company is here for you.  We will work with you from your project’s inception to its completion.  Please call our team members today to learn more.

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Court Resurfacing with Sport Court Surface

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Factors to consider during the Sport Court® construction process

Constructing your new court requires a few key components for it to be successfully completed. Your budget may allow for one or multiple base material choices to consider. Pricing will depend upon the type of material that is advised and chosen.

  • DESIGNATED SITE: A hard, flat accessible area of land with drainage capabilities for both contractors and machinery to move about freely. It’s important you hire professional licensed contractors to work within the city ordinances and environmental regulations. Each city may have different rules, so it’s imperative your contractor is familiar with what is permitted.
  • BASE MATERIAL: It is necessary to choose which material will work best for installing below your new court. The types of materials we work with are asphalt, concrete, crushed stone, and modular tiles.
  • CONCRETE BASE: A concrete foundation reinforced with rebar is typically used for any backyard game court. This provides a low maintenance, durable, and steady foundation for your court.
  • ASPHALT BASE: Asphalt is not recommended as frequently because it will oxidize, become brittle, and begin to crack. Once an asphalt base has cracked, it can create multiple problems.
  • SPORTBASE: If you’re experiencing any coverage or zoning constraints, a modular base is a viable solution with less permanence. Some of the benefits include:

1. Being an eco-friendly product used throughout the nation

2. No necessity for heavy construction equipment

3. 2-3 times the amount of shock absorption for the body during game

4. A much safer playing surface upon falls/injuries, especially those involving the head.

If you would like more information about Sport Court® Resurfacing , please click on the link below:

Sport Court®

Types of court surfaces

Sport Surfaces builds the surface of the game court with a variety of the highest quality material options. We recommend either an acrylic surface, cushioned system, or a non-skid modular tile surface to suit your needs. These types of materials are also utilized when converting your existing tennis court or basketball court into a multi-sport® court.

  • Acrylic surfaces are similar to those of a tennis court or basketball court. Since it’s relatively low maintenance once installed, the costs of repair won’t be astronomical.
  • Cushioning systems are both budget friendly and low maintenance. They are designed to reduce shock absorption and impact to an athlete’s body. This basically “cushions” the bones and joints during the game, making it a far more enjoyable experience. It is the optimal system for older athletes, and those individuals with pre-existing injuries.
  • Non-skid modular tile surfaces provide the ultimate protection for the athlete’s body. They reduce muscle fatigue, and are the preferred surface for accident prone athletes and those with current body pains or injuries. Its patented design greatly reduces both vertical and lateral stresses during game play.  A non-skid modular surface also has a quick drying mechanism. This allows for safe game play approximately five minutes after it rains.

We constantly perform rigorous materials testing, surface comparisons, and utilize customer feedback to improve our construction processes. This also allow us to optimize which surface will fit perfectly into your home or sports facility.

If you are ready to build your new outdoor sport court®, please contact Sport Surfaces, FL today. Our team members would love to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Our court technicians will be there to guide you from your initial sport court® design to the finished product. We guarantee that your new multi-sport court will be constructed from the finest materials and products.


If you have a question about constructing your new Sport Court®, our Sports Surfaces’ team is here for you. Please click on the link below to a