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Once again we have completed a very nice concrete half basketball court construction project. This one went according to plan for the most part aside from some rough weather that makes for sloppy working conditions and slows curing time of acrylic surfacing products.

The job started off great as you can see. The weather was nice for the layout and sod removal, but this was about to change. Before we could get the forms laid out, a heavy downpour made conditions very sloppy so we had to call it a day. We wanted the site to dry out a bit, so when work resumed two days later, the weather had cleared and we were able to install the vapor barrier over the base material. We then formed and poured on the same day. After our technicians applied a medium broom finish to the newly poured concrete surface, the job site was thoroughly cleaned, and the 30 days of curing began.

When work resumed, the acid wash was applied to neutralize the alkalinity of the new concrete along with creating a porous surface to promote proper paint adhesion. It was now time to apply the first coat of Acrylotex, a cementitious acrylic latex surfacing paint made specifically for proper bonding with the new concrete surface. As you can see in the photo below, the first coat went down well. While waiting for the paint to cure, our technicians got busy with the installation of the adjustable basketball system. This was necessary to have fully installed prior to the final coat as the striping of the court is based upon the location of the basketball system. The final coat was applied to the overall court surface and the key was painted for a nice two tone look. The lines came out nice and crisp with now bleeding into the surrounding court area. This is due to our technicians properly sealing the striping tape before painting the lines.
All in all the court came out looking great, as always, and the customer is incredibly pleased with the final product.

Sports Surfaces also specializes in Basketball Court resurfacing to help keep your existing court looking like new. Please contact us today to get a quote or if you have any questions about our Basketball Court construction or resurfacing.

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