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Choosing the right court is the last and sometimes the easiest part of the sports surface. The toughest part lies in answering the question that leads to the suitable sport surface for your home.

Asphalt? Concrete? Flex Court? As there is a wide range of choices available and before selecting the one there are so many important things you need to take into consideration. There are no right or wrong sport surfaces, the most important thing is how the surface is going to be used?
So, before you make up your mind on any particular sport surface, let me get you through this complete guideline that how you should pay attention when it comes to choosing right the sport surfaces for your home.

A Complete Guideline To Selecting The Right Sport Surface

Seven Key factors To Take into Consideration

You’ll find so many different opinions and options on choosing the right court as there are numbers of systems and manufacturers. However, as per the experts sport surfacing choices must satisfy seven key factors:




How complex is to install the system? Will it be installed by the professionals with specialized knowledge? Does the manufacturer offer everything in one place experience? How soon can the surface be used after installation?


What kind of look are you trying to convey for your facility, Traditional or Contemporary? How does the flooring look under different lighting conditions? How does it hide or show soiling? Is glare an issue for your users?


How much and what type of maintenance is required? Are some substances commonly found at your site is harmful to the surface? Can your staff perform minor repairs or must the manufacturer be called?



How long the surface will last? For how long do you expect it to last? Does the type of usage you plan affect durability?


What i type of court design is best? Does it suits to your planned uses?


Make sure you are not looking at the upfront costs, look at the life age and lifetime costs. How much does installation cost? What are the maintenance costs for sport surface? know the right cost here for your sport surface.


Is it too slippery? Not slippery enough? Does it accommodate a range of users? Does this floor meet the biomechanical needs of its intended uses? Are there any protrusions that can cause a hazard? Is there proper cushioning for impact?

Wrapping up

We are a Florida based authorized sport surface installer and we own a team of skillful experts and our professionals are licensed contractors in sport surface construction. It doesn’t matter if you are in Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach or even Orlando and whatsoever your requirement is whether, you want to construct tennis court, basket ball court, bocce ball court Har-Tru or cushioned hard court, you can hire our contractors to construct, repair, maintain or resurface your sport surface court and our services are the most suitable to fit your budget.


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