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One of the most significant things in planning a track is the type of surface. As there are many available choices. You can’t name any surface as the right one, because a right surface can be respected to the choices of individuals, types of usage, financial resource, location, maintenance capability and many more. Learning about the prospective of running track surfaces and choosing the best surface for your circumstances is the key to long term satisfaction. Whether you build a surface for a competitive or recreational purpose, the type of surface you run on can impact your speed, your technique, and even your physical health. However a comfortable surface can enhance your running experience, a hard surface can wear down your body over time, particularly your joints. Thus, it is said that no two runners are alike and each may prefer a different surface, because each surface has its own advantages.

As with most athletic equipment and facilities, running track surfaces have become much more sophisticated and technically advanced since the mid-20th century. Today, schools or athletic facilities can choose from a range of materials for its athletes to run on, including latex and polyurethane mixed with rubber, to make a running track surface safe and easy to maintain.


Natural Surfaces

Cinder and clay are the most considerable and most used natural track surfaces, as these surfaces are relatively cheap to build. These tracks are now built up with the latest technology, so it can hold the water well. Most updated technology in cinder and clay, does not demand a lot of maintenance, like earlier. These tracks have a minimal force of impact on joints while running. It also makes the legs work harder compared to running on a track. If these surfaces are well-kept, then it still can be one of the most comfortable surfaces to run on.

All-Weather Surfaces

The transition to modern running surfaces began in the late 1960s with the advent of the all-weather surface, generally a combination of rubber with asphalt or sand. It is commonly known as the “asphalt-bound” surfaces. These tracks are relatively unaffected by the rain. If you are road runner then this is one of the fastest surfaces you will find, it’s easy to measure distances on it. It is simple to keep up a steady rhythm.

Modern Surfaces

Most newfangled running surfaces are constructed from rubber particles bound with latex or polyurethane. These surfaces have ½ inch thickness and we use the Plexitrac system with a combination of SBR and EPDM materials in order to achieve the best and most cost effective surfaces available. The Plexitrac surface can be applied on top of an asphalt or concrete base. Usually these types of tracks come in various types of tracks as well as colors. Latex-bound running track surfaces are durable and often permeable, enabling water to easily drain from the surface.This running track surface is the choice of world-class athletes. It is possible to construct the tracks in layers as well as textures for the optimal amount of traction.



Softer surfaces of modern tracks are considerably safer and faster than the older natural models. Such tracks help to improve the runner’s economy of action by 2 to 3 percentages. Surfaces containing rubber are better for runners who are returning to training after an injury. Modern track surfaces are touted as an environmentally friendly.

Which surface is best for you?

The answer is that all surfaces has its own pros and cons. Your body should be the number one indicator of which surface you spend the majority of your running miles. If you are dealing with the injuries like shin splints or IT band pain, then it is advisable to go for the softer surfaces.Finding the best and safest running track may take some time, but a good surface can spell a world of difference for you and your body.

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