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Bocce ball is an ancient game developed in Italy, whose modern version most closely looks like bowling. It is traditionally played on a court 60 to 90 feet long and 8 to 13 feet wide. The surface of the court consists natural soil or asphalt. Bocce ball basically consists two players or two teams of 2, 3, or 4 people score points when their ball lands closest to the “jack”, a smaller ball thrown before any player throws their bocce ball. It requires skill, strategy and just a little luck.


Bocce ball is a great game as it plays outside on a beautiful day. This game is highly popular among the seniors, however; because of the accuracy of this game, youths also love this game. With the vast popularity of the game many home owners of Sarasota are building bocce ball court in the backyard of their home. It is a good way to spend quality time with friends. Thus, bocce ball court Construction, in Florida is in great demand

Now that summer is gearing up, your outside time should increase significantly. So, Bocce Ball court in the backyard is the perfect entertaining option with family, friends or new acquaintances. If you’re beguiled by bocce’s seductive charms and want to bring the game home, here are some of the elements of design and construction to know before planning your own backyard bocce court. Before you begin, determine your expectations for your bocce court. To enjoy a few rolls, all you need is a flat surface, a little space and some good company.


For some, bocce ball is an occasional activity best suited to a quaint corner, where it may be ignored except when in use. For others, bocce is the main draw, taking a proud place of honor just steps from the back door. So, think about what you want from your court.

Additional features

Bocce ball is a social game best supplemented with inviting design features that embrace participants. Seating areas, shade structures, fountains and heating elements, all enhance the experience, ensuring players linger and enjoy the space, the game and one another.

Site preparation

For your court to last, it must withstand the elements. The subgrade must be flat from from end to end, sloping slightly from sides of the spine. A trench-buried, perforated pipe should run lengthwise in Class 2, permeable rock, beneath 4 to 6 inches of non-expansive rock such as ¾-inch crushed, that is installed level. The crushed layer should be topped with an inch of decomposed granite, compacted to be dead level.


Border walls can be constructed either of concrete or a 6-inch by 8-inch cedar beam set on a concrete footing. The preferred method is concrete and for the best effect, install a 2-inch by 6-inch cedar bumper board against the inside concrete wall as shown.


For truest roll play, top your court surface in 1 inch of oyster flour, followed by a scattered layer of crushed oyster shells. Other top surface options include gravel and turf, which can serve well, but do not offer the same feel and tempo as a true oyster-based surface.

Whom to hire

We, are one of the best available choice to hire for bocce court construction in Sarasota. We are licensed contractor that provides bocce court installation for all residents in Sarasota. You can also hire us to build a bocce court construction in Miami, west palm beach and Fort Myers. From Planning to final detailing and accessory we have the expertise to do it all. We are specialized in Synthetic turf flooring for bocce courts and we can also follow your specifications as well.

Bocce is considered as an Italian pastime, but it’s becoming one of the America’s too, complementing traditional and contemporary styles alike.

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