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For the decades, synthetic  grass turf also called Omni court has been taking place of natural turf in the athletic fields across the world in everywhere from professional league arenas to the Olympic stadiums and also in the grade school sports fields. Artificial turf is an innovative surface, which replicates look and feel of natural grass. As it is created from synthetic fibers and generally used in a variety of sports, such as hockey, football, soccer, tennis and lacrosse. Though synthetic  turf has lots of advantages over natural grass in terms of cost and maintenance along with in terms of safety it also reduces the risk of injuries.

Why An Artificial Turf For Sports Surface?

Synthetic grass or artificial turf holds numbers of different properties that make it a perfect sports product. With over 10 years’ experience working with it, we at Sport Surface have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience. We very well know that how to make your sport surface viable and build a high performing facility, which not only encourages activity, but have an increased longevity. We assure you to develop synthetic turf technology, which aims to perform like real grass without the mud and also in little maintenance, compared to others. And we specialize in all sorts of sports including tennis, hockey, rugby and build the most realistic artificial turf surface.


So What Is The Process?

At Sport Surfaces, we are always on the customers’ side that clearly means we aim to adhere to your budget so, you can get the most from your surface. We also have expertise in the additional features to your sport surface such as lighting and fencing needs. We assure you to get what you ask for and are happy with the delivered result. Our team of highly qualified installers operates in Miami, plantation, west palm beach, fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Tallahassee and almost all around the Florida.  Here is we have collated a step-by-step approach so, you can have an actual idea of what you are getting from us:

  • Assessing your needs

This is one of the significant step because, it means we will consult you to find out what do you want and what is your main focus. Along with it, we will also discuss the costs, timings, products, performance, longevity and additional features.

  • Site investigation

We will measure the area to assess the shape, size, base works and how much turf will be required for the project.

  • Design concepts

We make use of a special software to come up with a blueprint for the design of your sports surface. So, you can have a precise idea before you start the funding process.

  • Construction

Then comes the installation process, which we have specifically designed based on your usage of the specific sport facility. We always make sure about efficient drainage along with appropriate base works.

  • Fencing and Lighting

We also offer, fencing and lighting choices for your sports surface. We also provide seating and shelter areas.

  • Maintenance

We just don’t just stop at that, we also offer a maintenance package to increase the longevity of your sports surface and make sure it lasts up to 20 years!

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Why Hire Us

We, Sportsurfaces are one of the best available choice to hire for artificial turf construction in Sarasota. We are the most trusted contractors all around the Florida that provides best artificial turf for all residents in Sarasota. You can also hire our construction in Miami, west palm beach and Fort Myers. From Planning to final detailing and accessory we have the expertise to do it all. We are specialized in Synthetic tennis court and we can also follow your specifications as well.

If you would like to know more about our expertise or want to hire our synthetic turf system specialists simply contact us at (888) 423-1120 and we will get back to you within 12 hours.

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