Just like our body needs exercise on a regular basis, our brain also needs some exercise to stay fit and healthy. You might have come across many elders saying that you must play chess to improve your focus, concentration, and intelligence level of mind. This is true. Chess is a game that helps to improve the cognitive power of the mind and helps to stay mindful and mentally fit. When you hear about chess, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is that you are playing it with your best friend, sitting inside your house or in your room, and playing peacefully. Generally, people associate chess to be an indoor game, and well, at some level, it is. But you can make it an outdoor game by playing chess outdoors. This might seem very normal, and thus there are many benefits of building outdoor giant chess.

Let’s understand how and why building an outdoor giant chess is beneficial. 

#1 You Have The Opportunity To Play Outdoor And Have Fun:

Playing outdoor is fun

Usually, you have seen people playing chess inside a house or in a room, sitting on a comfortable chair. Have you ever thought that playing chess outdoors would be more fun? Building a game of giant outdoor chess will help you make chess more interesting, especially for the children in the family. You can set up a chess game in the backyard or any location near your house that is very spacious. With the giant chess outdoor game, you can not only keep the adults involved but also encourage them to play a game of chess. The pieces of chess could be easily picked up by the kids or adults and can be placed in a different position according to the game’s demand.

#2 Building An Outdoor Chess Works As An Attraction: 

sports surfacing chess

Many people wish their house to look different from others. The outdoor giant chess surface will add a decorative element to your house and make it stand out from the crowd. You can also use it for playing as and when you and your family feel it.

#3 You Can Encourage Kids To Learn About Chess:

Chess is a very popular game, but not many kids find it interesting. You would observe that kids love playing outdoor games more than indoor games, such as football, cycling, or any other outdoor game. So you can turn the indoor game into an outdoor game by building a giant chessboard in your backyard or in the front garden of your house. In this way, you can keep your kids involved in a game that develops cognitive power, and as it is also outdoors, the kids can get fresh air and feel rejuvenated after their studies.

#4 Outdoor Chess Will Involve Many Players:

Not just kids, but even adults like to play in groups. It is a way to get involved with others, know about each other, and form a strong bond. Along with other outdoor games that boost physical power, you can build a game of outdoor chess. That will encourage everyone to play and also help in building confidence, developing problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills. Outdoor chess will provide benefits both physically as well as mentally.

#5 Outdoor Chess Will Help In Understanding To Control The Body Language And Develop Focus:

Usually, kids and teenagers have a very short attention span and due to this, they can get distracted easily. With the help of outdoor chess, you can support children of all ages to develop a strong concentration power because you cannot leave the game in the middle. It will not just keep the brain involved but also the body, as you cannot move from the position you have attained until your next chance. In this way, you can teach children that they have control over their body language and develop high focus


You might already be aware of the benefits provided by chess, but outdoor chess is something that has more benefits. You can consult professional sport surface contractors such as Sport Surfaces. They will analyze the space you have and help you in building a game of outdoor giant chess with perfect accuracy, precision, and an amazing look. Professionals of the Sport Surfaces are highly skilled and have the expertise in designing outdoor chess and give it an attractive appearance.