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Building a running track is a great way for school campus to help children get fitter. Creating a running track surface makes strong impact on the education on a variety of levels. As students get access to more diverse opportunities for physical fitness and mental ability.  It is also beneficial in improving the academic achievement of children and the quality of overall campus life.

The study shows that running track is therapeutic for students. It keeps them motivated to work hard on future goals and develop mental toughness.

Read the listed below benefits of constructing sports running track on school campus:

Benefits Of Building Running Track On School Campus 

Build Healthy Habits In Students

Running tracks help students in developing speed, agility, explosiveness, and endurance. Running track and field workout is the first sports students participate in school time and can help develop a passion for working out and staying healthy later in life.  Research done on many adults found that people who were fit and exercising in their youth,  were also healthiest over time.

It promotes Teamwork attitude in students

Running track is individual as well as a team sport in situations like relay races. As all 4 members  are equally important in the relay race. The effort given by the whole team is what matters in the race. If even one of the member doesn’t perform better, the whole team will have to suffer the loss and compensate on behalf of one person’s weakness.

Runners are expected to train daily and have to endure workouts together on the track. While practicing together, team bonding at track meets, help the team stronger.

Improves Decision making

A study done by brain experts found that tough activities like on running track, help increases levels of brain protein (Known as brain -derived neurotrophic factor). This protein is responsible for our mind’s decision-making activity.

Psychological benefits of running

Most significantly, students who perform to workout on tracks found happier and less stressed than their counterparts. Running activity releases endorphins (Happy hormone) that allow altering an individual’s mood. This sense of euphoria allows students to focus on their goals  instead of being worried.

Additionally, running put a lot of efforts on the body which shifts the focus of his attention from negative thoughts to a sense of pride and positivity.

Boost confidence level

Running on a track by putting an extra effort and crossing the finish line is a thrilling experience. You feel proud and self-worth when you realize what you have accomplished. Your confidence improves as you put your heart, lungs, and muscles to keep up with your goal to win the race.

When you run around the track, you put your all efforts on yourself to win, which increases your self-confidence. As your lap time improves or your jump height increase, your confidence grows. This improved confidence has a positive effect on other areas of your life, such as academic performance. Also, when you work out on tracks, you reduce stress and maintain a healthy weight, which also improves your self-esteem.

Learning lessons on life

While participating in running activity, a student learns commitment, dedication, and discipline. By working in a team, they also learn to acknowledge team opinions and strategy. True athleticism teaches them hard work and makes them a better person.

It’s fun activity

Being a part of running track team is a fun activity. You get the opportunity to practice with like-minded people with the same end objectives. Plus, you are not limited to running activities only. Instead, you use your body in many ways you might not in various other sports and activities. The thrill of running through the wind as you jump over a high bar, or the adrenaline rush  you experience, will keep a smile on your face the whole day.

Become a good sports person

After all, Running activity is a character-building experience. The training session will push the limits and motivate you on how to beat the competition,– but you won’t always win.

Even with your planning and practicing, you get disappointing losses. These blame of loss cannot be put on one individual as running sports involve teamwork.

In Spite of the loss, you learn to be a good sportsperson as you are honest, but also motivated to try harder next time. This positivity will carry through to your all wins, you will feel pride, but not over confident about your wins, as you have empathy for the losing team as well.


If students are to develop and maintain the overall fitness that amplifies their ability to learn, they should engage in “at least an hour a day” of  running activity. Schools, where children spend so many of their waking hours, give the most logical place for them to get such exercise.

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