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Sports Surfaces basketball courts provide years of year-round enjoyment, and they also require very little maintenance. While asphalt basketball courts typically only require resurfacing every 4 to 5 years, it’s important to have them done by a licensed and insured professional you can trust. At Sport Surfaces, we rely on specialized techniques to ensure each of our basketball court resurfacing and repair projects exceed customer expectations and provides years of trouble free enjoyment. Gradual wear and tear leads to fading, flaking, “bird baths” and even hazardous conditions. Proper professional maintenance is key to keeping your basketball court looking great and lasting for years. At Sport Surfaces, our trained specialists work with you on your basketball court needs to get your court back to “like-new” condition. Please see below for an outline of our step-by-step basketball resurfacing and repair processes, specifically designed for the harsh Florida climate. Please note, All of the acrylics we use provide 100 percent uv protection for your courts. This allows the asphalt to remain moist and help prevent premature cracking. Think of our process as sunscreen protection for your court!


Bare concrete resurfacing has its own share of unique procedures that if not followed carefully will ultimately lead to court failure. It is by far one of the most challenging surfaces to work with. Through years of research and development we have perfected a resurfacing system using proven techniques that not only adheres well but is long lasting as well. It is imperative that your concrete surface have a vapor barrier installed, a medium broom finish and the use of a natural cure on the surface.   If you are considering having the concrete poured and finished we strongly advise you to use the service of a professional basketball company to assist you in order to ensure that the end result of your basketball court is a successful one.   Typical basketball court dimensions are approximately 50’x 94’. Please note: Court must have a minimum of 1% slope in one plan to guarantee removal of water.

  • Pressure cleaning and power blowing the basketball court to remove dirt, debris, mildew and oil.
  • Patch depressions greater than 1/8 inch. After 1-hour drying time, will smooth ridges, as necessary.
  • Fill existing cracks, as needed.
  • If the court is bare concrete, it is extremely important that it is acid etched with either muriatic acid or phosphoric acid. This will neutralize the alkalotic properties of the concrete and allow the acrylic paint to more readily stick.
  • We than apply (2) coats of Acrylotex, a cementitious paint which has both the properties of cement and acrylics. This allows the paint to bond very successfully to the new surface.
  • The lines are then primed and painted using either the high school regulation or NCAA specifications.


Please note: Specifications may vary depending on condition of playing surface.

  • Application of 1 coat of acrylic resurfacer over entire basketball court area to fill voids and create a smooth surface.
  • Application of 2 coats of acrylic color concentrate (two-tone) to provide color over entire court.
  • Marking and painting of two-inch wide playing lines with white textured heavy bodied acrylic latex paint, in accordance with high school regulations.

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