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Basketball is a complete combination of fitness, dedication, and strength. Miami, FL is a landing ground of high-profile Basketball players. In this region one of our clients, from Miami was struggling with his existing Basketball court. Why? Because Pavement cracking is something obvious and it is the natural tendency of asphalt, which shrinks as it weather, oxides, and ages.

But what followed next is most interesting, because we the “Sports Surface” is a team of experts who knows how to hone the Basketball court flawlessly. Our three days smooth process includes,

Crack Filling
Infrared Patching
Proprietary Fabric Repair System
Full Depth Repair

“Get the Optimum result for your Basketball Court Resurfacing – Sports Surface”

Ok! Let’s dig the rabbit hole then,
The court was whole rotten in the manner Surface Cracks. Now the client has left apart with two choices:

Demolish and Restructure the court

a.Duration 3 to 4-week
b.Cost thrice the time higher just for demolition

Basketball Court Resurfacing

a.With Sports surface at the same cost of demolition
b.Duration just three days

So how the story went…

Day 0

basketball court resurfacing

Day 1
basketball court resurfacing

Preparation of court which includes the process of a

a.Scrapping loose material off
b.Filling and sealing cracks
c.Surface leveling
d.Cure and Care for 24 hours

Day 2
Basketball Court Resurfacing

Installation of Flex court surface

So, this is it; it just cost half for what the client had a thought for it. Just 3 days of quick work and you’re ready for all New Basketball court which stays for long, with lower maintenance.

We were on Cloud Nine after serving an overseas client who was from Miami, FL. We convey our regards that they carried trust to work with us.

A little tale:

Sports Surface is a leading Basketball Court Resurfacing from Florida. The art house team at Sports surface is keen to learn new tricks and treats in every aspect. With all reliable service right from the job to cost. All your needs are just a click away. Come let’s talk at our coffee table for all your resurfacing job.

To hire our Basket Ball Resurfacing service, contact us by filling the form given below, or call us at (888) 423 1120 or email [email protected] us on to get 1 hour free quick quote.

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