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Basketball court are high performance surfaces designed to offer the necessary comforts required to reduce the ultimate stress on the player’s bodies and prevent against sports injuries. To help players play without any distractions, basketball court maintenance becomes a crucial part. It also helps to keep the court in top condition and make them look great for years. Distractions can come from any sources. This can include exposure to the extreme weather conditions or poor basketball court maintenance service. Here where protecting the court becomes an essential aspect for the people responsible for it. Our team of experts and professionals at Sport Surfaces guide you with every detail required to maintain your basketball court.  We have Basketball court maintenance programs that can fit into your budget and leave you worry free knowing your basketball court will be professionally maintained.

Useful tips to protect basketball court from any external sources

Basketball shade structures

Shade structures cover outdoor basketball courts to allow the environment remain cool for players to enjoy playing the game. You can also find commercial shade structures to withstand high winds or fabric canopies for permanent outdoor shelter. Some manufacturing companies use heavy steel engineering to construct the shades and make it robust enough to withstand heavy winds. Fabric canopies can be stretched taut over the steel frame and can be enjoyed throughout the year even in the extreme hottest temperature.

Shades for outdoor sports are becoming a preferred solution for the added advantage of hot air escaping through the porous netting.

Basketball court protection paint

You can find several court protection paints to be sure of proper maintenance of the basketball court. The repairing and coating products protect and extend the life of the asphalt or concrete surface from the sun and any other environmental contaminants. The vibrant colors applied ensures years of fade-resistant beauty. Even the non-skid paint materials prevent slippery conditions on a dry or wet sport surface.

Tools you need to maintain basketball court

One of the most important tools is a push brush to thoroughly clean the surface immediately after a game. Even after rainfall, you may find quite a bit of debris to push off the court. Next is the basketball net. Also it is essential to keep some spare nets handy in case the court needs one. The court looks more professional and maintained with basketball nets.  In order to keep the surface clean, use mild detergent to get rid of any grime and build-up dirt. Depending on the surface material used to construct the basketball court, clean it more often. A good cleansing once a year is mandatory to avoid permanent stains on the surface. However, power washer can make the task a lot easier.

Maintaining hardwood basketball floor

Hardwood flooring is known for its exceptional strength and durability. Its wood grain is extremely light and fiber stays close together to keep dust and dirt granules in between the grains. This makes hardwood flooring an ideal choice when considering wood, to give a long life span. You can make the hardwood flooring coated with numerous layers of sealant to enhance its life and protect the wood. The wood floors can be restored by using hardwood floor cleaners to maintain and clean your wood flooring.

Maintaining basketball court tiles

So if you want to play basketball whenever you want to and not when weather allows, pave your court surface with rubber tiles. Rubber flooring decreases the risk of injuries caused by slipping on the wet surface. The rubber tiles are slip-resistant in both dry and wet conditions. They also cushion the impact of fall to prevent bruises and blood.

Maintaining rubber flooring is not a difficult task. Daily vacuuming is required to keep the dirt to the minimum. It the floor cannot be cleaned properly with a vacuum mild detergent and pressure washer will be sufficient. However, ensure not to get the flooring too wet as this may have an adverse effect on the adhesive system employed. Use a wet vacuum to remove excess water from the floor.

Our team is also proficient in Basketball court resurfacing Florida and believes in providing high quality services required to construct as well as resurface basketball court.

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