Design your own court

NY yankess basketball logo

Below is a recently completed ½ basketball court construction along with a custom logo. This logo is really cool it takes the NY Yankees motif and replaces the customer’s initials! This ½ basketball court was built for a private residence in Miami where real estate space is very limited so homeowners need to make of their properties. This ½ basketball is not only a lot of fun for adult play but since it has an adjustable basketball hoop the kids can lower it and dunk. The red key coupled with a blue exterior is a great color and holds up very well in the hot Florida sun. Another one of my favorite colors for a basketball court is blue and green or even a single color combination can also look great.

Using a Cushion Surface on Top of the Regular Basketball Acrylic Surface

Don’t forget that a cushion surface can also be applied on top of the regular basketball acrylic surface which will provide you with a soft surface that feels great. So check us out at or call us at 888-423-1120 and have us build you a ½ basketball court at your home. We can also resurface your older court with our Basketball Court Resurfacing.

basketball court construction completed with adjustable hoop

basketball court construction raw land

basketball court construction slab installation


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