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Whether you want to build an outdoor basketball court or a court in your courtyard, you would obviously need an expert who can help you to accomplish your goal. Well, you need not have to invest your effort after searching for the best service provider. With Sport Surfaces specializing in constructing and repairing every type of court, half of your tension can be overcome easily. If you like to go for a new basketball court construction or repair the existing one, or build a full-size or half-size basketball court, Sport Surfaces is the decisive solution. They help you to build both indoor and outdoor court according to your preferences in relation to the size and color of the basketball court.

Whether you need a solid base of rock followed by the application of the basketball court flooring asphalt to provide a hard surface or need a plastic vapor barrier to protect the court, everything is possible with Sport Surfaces and their expertise.

With Sport Surfaces, you be rest assured with the quality of the court. Sport Surfaces utilize every possible technology to deliver the best court for you. The products that they use are manufactured using top notch raw materials and contemporary technologies in compliance with the set industry standards. The raw materials used by them are strictly tested under the supervision of experienced professionals against various parameters. These products with its good elasticity and cushioning properties are meant to protect the athletes. Not only Sport Surfaces offer effective and reliable basketball court designing services for their clients but also conduct several interaction sessions with their clients to understand their needs and accordingly provide solutions to them.

We service clients all over Florida.  From Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach to Delray Beach and Seminole.  With over 150 Years collective experience on our team we can handle all your basketball court constructions needs.


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