Sport Surfaces Services we Offer

Welcome to Sport Surfaces LLC, Florida, your one stop-shop for a variety of sport surfaces. We are a local company that has been in business for over twenty years, providing professional design, building, and resurfacing services for residential homes, educational institutions, the military, hotels, country clubs, and multiple recreational sports facilities throughout the nation.

With the popularity of sports trending nationally, we create game surfaces for everyone, from recreational fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes. Our sport surface construction services include tennis courts, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, horseshoe pits, cornhole courts, cushioned hard courts, sand volleyball courts, bocce ball courts, giant chess boards, running tracks, and sport courts®. We can also resurface all of these types of courts, as well as inline hockey courts, pickleball courts, and shuffleboard courts.

What services do we provide?

We enjoy being involved in both local community projects for schools and businesses, as well as our residential customers’ court needs. Our services extend on a global scale too, with some of our customers located in Siberia, South America, AU TECH offshore base, and many areas of the Caribbean. We have many branch offices nationally, and our team members are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your next sport surface endeavor.

sport surfaces contractor in Florida
Sport Surfaces contractor in Florida

We work within your budget, and the designated space for your sport construction/resurfacing project. Using only the highest quality materials, products, and workmanship, we treat each project with a keen attention to detail. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable specialists in their field with decades of experience, and we would love to assist you in creating the sport surface of your dreams.

We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, and are proud to have repeat customers who love to refer us to their colleagues, friends, and family. It is a source of great pride that we have a reputation as one of the top companies in the sports construction industry. Please don’t hesitate to call us today to build or resurface your new/existing court.

Tennis Court Construction and Resurfacing for Hard Courts

Sport Surfaces expertise in tennis court construction and resurfacing has ranked us among the top companies in the industry. One of our most prestigious projects was resurfacing the Davis Cup tennis courts, held in Delray Beach, FL. Throughout our many years in the business, we have completed over 6,000 resurfacing jobs on asphalt, concrete, and HAR-TRU/clay tennis courts. Our proprietary techniques combined with our extensive knowledge result in top of the line tennis courts. If you would like to play some tennis on a new court or repair your current court, please call us today.

Tennis Court Construction and Conversions for HAR-TRU and Clay Courts

If you’re ready to construct or convert your home or sports facility tennis courts into a HAR-TRU or clay surface, Sport Surfaces has a dual-grade laser grading system for your project. We can construct an above or below ground irrigation system to maintain your new court. If you require a full conversion, our expert court technicians will assist you with this process, and provide all of the necessary information. Our company can also offer you a maintenance program for all of your new court needs, so please call us today.

Tennis Court Construction Services in Florida
Tennis Court Construction Services in Florida

Tennis Court Cushioned Hard Court Construction

Sport Surfaces also specializes in constructing cushioned hard courts for both injured or injury-prone tennis players, who require more shock absorption for their bodies when they play. There are many benefits of the cushioned hard court, including increased lifespan of the court, five to nine extra layers to cushion the surface, and less hard impact to the tennis player. If you would like to construct a cushioned hard court in your home or sport facility, please call our team members today.

Outdoor Basketball Court Construction and Resurfacing

Our certified, licensed technicians are proficient with both full and half-court basketball court design, construction and resurfacing. We have built many courts in venues for both pleasure and professional play. We work with several different types of courts surfaces including cushioned courts, modular tile courts, acrylic, and concrete. Our proven construction techniques and laser technology will create or resurface your basketball court for precision playing. Please contact the experts at Sport Surfaces to construct or resurface the basketball court of your dreams.

Indoor Basketball Court Construction

Sport Surfaces’ experts are happy to guide you with your indoor basketball court construction and resurfacing. Whether you need a new home indoor court or want to construct them at a community facility, you can choose from court surface options including an acrylic surface, a modular tile sport court® surface, or a wood floor. With our extensive knowledge in this field, we will assist you in selecting the best option for your given space and budget. Please contact us today to begin your new indoor basketball court construction project.

Outdoor Basketball Court Construction
Outdoor Basketball Court Construction

Cornhole Game Construction

Our company loves to bring families and friends together, and owning a cornhole game court is a great way to do so. Sport Surfaces’ team members will guide you through the whole process of selecting the game area, the construction process, and creating an ACA standard approved court. If you are ready to play for fun in your home or hold competitions at your recreational facility, call us today so we can get you started.

Horseshoe Pit Construction and Installation

If you are a homeowner or own a community facility that is ready to build and install a horseshoe pit, look no further than the professionals at Sport Surfaces. We will facilitate the whole construction process every step of the way. We help you choose the right space for construction, inform you of the safety factors involved, install proper lighting fixtures if necessary, and check to see if you require a permit for construction to commence. Please contact us today if you’re ready to play horseshoes.

Sand Volleyball Court Construction

Do you love the beach and playing sports outside? If you love playing sand volleyball and you’re ready to build some courts, call Sport Surfaces. We are highly trained experts in our industry, and we build both club level and tournament sand volleyball courts according to the ASBA (American Sports Builders) guidelines. Working with premium materials and products, we can customize either single or multiple courts for you. Please connect with our team members so we can get your sand volleyball game started.

Running Track Construction and Resurfacing

If you’re ready to construct or resurface your running track, Sport Surfaces can guide you through the process. We are experts in the sport construction industry, and have designed and built many running tracks all over the world. We have options for running track surfaces including SportMaster® sport surface, Plexitrac, polyurethane, and pre-fabricated rubber. We add UV protection layers so our running tracks are much cooler and more durable. If you need custom colors or designs, we can happily accommodate your requests. Please call our team members so we can get your running track off to a great start.

Running Track Construction
Running Track Construction

Sport Court® Construction and Resurfacing

If you own a single outdoor tennis court or basketball court, Sport Surfaces can convert it into a multi-sport court through sport court® construction and resurfacing. Attract more sports enthusiasts to your home or recreational facility by offering multiple sports all in one setting. Our specialists can design your new sport court® according to your existing court requirements and budget. We can resurface your court with a few surface options including acrylic, cushion, or modular tile surface. We also offer eighteen standard court colors that can be combined to create multiple color combinations. Please contact our expert team today so you can keep on playing your game, and/or even try a new sport.

Giant Chess Construction

Are you a chess or checkers fanatic who loves to strategize your every next move? Sport Surfaces will be happy to build you a giant outdoor chess game board in your home’s backyard, or at your community facility. We customize every chess board that we build, and are more than happy to accommodate your space selected for the project, customized requests, and budget. Please call our experts so the fun and games can begin.

Awnings for Tennis Courts

If you own a tennis court at either your private residence or community facility, installing a Cabana or awnings is a fantastic improvement. Tennis players desire a bit of shade to escape the heat from the sun, as well as having a designated, comfortable rest area between tennis matches. Our awnings are designed to withstand damage from hurricane-force winds too. If you’re ready to add value and comfort to your tennis courts with a shaded area, please contact our team at Sport Surfaces to assist you with your awning installation project.

Fencing for both Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts

Sport Surfaces certified technicians are extremely proficient in the area of fencing installation for tennis/basketball courts. We cater to each of our customer’s budgets and requests, providing the proper fencing product every time. We know how important it is to possess fencing for safety, security, and maintaining court time-limits, especially when it is utilized for community tennis courts and basketball courts. Please don’t hesitate to call us today, so we can facilitate all of your fencing installation needs.

Fencing for basketball courts and tennis courts
Fencing for basketball courts and tennis courts

Inline Hockey Court Construction and Resurfacing

Sport Surfaces’ has decades of experience building and resurfacing inline hockey courts for both private residences and community facilities. If you’re an avid roller hockey athlete or a recreational center with multiple courts, let our team of specialists construct or repair your court’s surface. We know the extent of damage that can occur on an inline hockey court, and our professional technicians have many solutions to repair its surface using Plexiflor products. Please contact us today so we can customize your next inline hockey court for you.

Pickleball Court Resurfacing

Do you love to play pickleball with your friends at home or at your community sport facility? If you would like to construct a pickleball court, the seasoned technicians at Sport Surfaces can convert your current tennis court through pickleball court resurfacing. We can add pickleball lines to your tennis court, or change the tennis court into one exclusively designed for pickleball. We always use quality materials and products during the entire process to create your new court. Please contact our team so we can assist you with your pickleball court conversion project right away.

Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing

Shuffleboard is an extremely popular game among enthusiasts, and Sport Surfaces can construct or resurface your shuffleboard court for you. Whether you own a court at your home or at a sport facility, our knowledgeable team can customize your court. We work with you from the initial stages of the project all the way to its completion. We have two options for resurfacing your shuffleboard court, including concrete or the stained court system. Each court is constructed or resurfaced with only the highest quality materials and products. Please call us today to speak to one of our team members about your shuffleboard court.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Tennis/Basketball Court Resurfacing Materials

Are you an individual who loves to do your own work to complete a project? If so, Sport Surfaces has two types of economical packages for DIY tennis/basketball court resurfacing, contingent upon court conditions. In each of our packages, we provide you with all of the details including mandatory tools, materials, and diagrams. Our certified experts will discuss which option is best for you based upon your current court’s condition, and will also provide customer support during your entire DIY process. Please call us today so you can begin your DIY tennis court/basketball court resurfacing endeavor.

Gold Maintenance Plan

Sport Surfaces offers our customers a maintenance program to ensure that their sport surfaces and courts are always kept in perfect working/playing condition. Contingent upon your specific needs, if you choose to purchase our gold maintenance plan, our certified licensed contractors will perform a variety of court maintenance services for you. They receive a detailed checklist for safety and material protocols so you can get back to your game, without all the hassle of court upkeep. Please contact one of our team members today to hear all the specifics.

Synthetic Court Surface Option

Do you like to play your tennis game on synthetic grass to cushion your body from extreme wear and tear? If you own a private residence or a recreational facility, Sport Surfaces are experts in the synthetic construction and resurfacing industry. We offer many options for the subsurface of your synthetic court including a stabilized road base, concrete, asphalt, and a refurbished clay court. Depending on your designated area and requirements, our professionals will guide you from your new court’s initial stages through completion. Please call us today so we can assist you.

Bocce Ball Court Construction and Resurfacing

Sport Surfaces loves to build and resurface bocce ball courts so our customers can get back to the game. Our bocce ball court surface choices include synthetic, HAR-TRU, and oyster blend. We can create bocce ball courts for both recreational and professional games, customizing your court’s dimensions, if required. When resurfacing, we will follow the standard steps and specifications, as well as creating or repairing an irrigation system for bocce ball court maintenance. We can also convert HAR-TRU/clay courts to a synthetic bocce ball court surface. Our team members would love to help you with your bocce ball court, so please contact us today.

Bocce Ball Court Construction
Bocce Ball Court Construction

Tennis and Basketball Court Lighting

Do you like to play tennis or basketball outdoors at night at your home or community facility? We know how crucial correct court lighting is for your night time tennis and basketball games. Sport Surfaces’ technicians are proud to have extensive knowledge and experience with installing court lights, and we only use the latest products and technology. We focus on the ball’s placement on the court during our installation process, in order to reduce the interference of glare and shadows. If you require illumination for your courts, please contact one of our team members today.


If you’re an avid tennis player who likes to keep score during your matches, Sport Surfaces offers TopScore™. TopScore™ is a digital, double-sided, net-mounted self-scoring tennis scoreboard. This is the perfect scoring product for professional tennis facilities everywhere. The TopScore™ comes in three color options, features rounded corners for safety, possesses a white cover for protection, and the installation instructions come inside the box. If you’re ready to elevate the professional quality of your tennis game, please call us today. We are more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Poured-In-Place Rubber Playground

Sport Surfaces specializes in installing poured-in-place rubber playgrounds. We know how imperative safety is when allowing children to play on a playground. Whether you’re are a homeowner, school, park, or community recreational facility, our professional technicians would love to assist you in creating a new playground for you. We offer an array of colors for the surface, and utilize a top -quality weather and slip resistant material to maximize the safety factor. Please contact us today so our team members can work with your designated space and budget.

Tennis/Basketball Logos

Do you have a favorite sports team or would you like to have your team’s logo adorning your tennis or basketball court? Sport Surfaces’ in-house design team would love to customize your logo for you. We have created many show-stopping logos for our clients, and have placed them on the courts, as well as the windscreens surrounding the courts. Some of our greatest completed projects include installing the Miami Heat basketball logo in Winter Gardens, FL, and the Hammocks logo in Miami, FL. Please contact our team members today, and we will be happy to discuss your budget, team’s logo details, and any other questions or concerns you may have.

Franchise Opportunities

Sport Surfaces offers investments into a franchise of the company. We provide an excellent opportunity for you to expand our brand of leadership, quality design, construction, and resurfacing through your own ownership. Our team will provide you with support and guidance every step of the way. You will receive invaluable information, educational materials, and proper training. Please contact us today to see if you meet our qualifications so you can be a part of a sports construction industry leader.

If you have any questions or would like to know the cost of renovating your court, please contact us today.