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With regard to racket sports, we know tennis, squash and badminton. But, there’s one more game that is getting to be famous among sports enthusiasts, which is improvised variant of tennis, badminton and ping pong.


Pickleball is an amazingly fun game that individuals who have other racket games, playing experience can get rapidly. In any case, a better aspect concerning a pickleball game (dissimilar to tennis) is that regardless of the possibility that you’ve never played a racket sport in your life, you can play and can have a ton of fun inside the first session.

Pickleball, a game which doesn’t involve a pickle, initially began in the mid 60s when people wanted to play badminton yet couldn’t discover the shuttlecock. So they began playing utilizing rackets from plywood with a Wiffle ball rather than a tennis ball and by bringing down the net on the tennis court. You can play Pickleball with wooden paddles, aluminum paddle, or composite material paddle. The ball is made of punctured plastic.

Presently, a game which began as a side interest in a family lawn is currently authoritatively a very popular game.So we thought, how about we list out some benefits of building a Pickleball court on your property.

Pickleball Court

It is easy to play

In comparison with other racket sports like tennis, badminton, or squash, Pickleball is very easy to play. Also, with a small bit of practice, you’ll be having some extraordinary arouses right away.

Playing Pickleball has numerous medical benefits

This includes lower blood pressure, boost our immune system, enhanced mental sharpness or simply get keep fit and keep in a good shape. Its beyond any doubt beats getting on the treadmill for 60 minutes! It will unquestionably burn your loads of calories, which will help you keep up your weight.

Scoring is much easier

Not at all like two different sports games, scoring in Pickleball is a much easier. You simply need to rally up to 11 points and win twice to be a winner. But, the point is you can only score point in your own serve.

Court size is smaller than a tennis court

The court’s measurements are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. The court measure continues as before, whether you play singles or doubles. Since the court is smaller than a tennis court, it permits players with various abilities to play and portability and also give them an noteworthy opportunity to take an interest and appreciate the sport. The net measures 36 inches high on either side and 34 inches high in the center. For more information on Pickleball Court Resurfacing

Pickleball can break up the hustle bustle of everyday life

Our standard life makes us so highly pushed and tired, isn’t it? Pickleball is an incredible movement for refreshing our routine. It’s an alternate sport from the typical golf or swimming in the morning. It’s more interactive and fun!

Pickleball has a great fun time in playing and can be enjoyed by individuals of any age

It’s a game everybody can play. It’s known as a game for a reason: the gear is lightweight to handle. Also, the pace of the game is more moderate. It’s likewise the reason you can have a 8 year old, a 80 year old, a pregnant woman and a high school kid all playing a Pickleball game on a similar court together. All having a great time playing together. It is a genuinely exceptional aspect regarding Pickleball, and is certainly the top reason a pickleball game is so much fun!

It makes you more social

Physical practice is by all account not the only essential part of sound way of life. Like different games, pickleball additionally offers chance to be social dynamic. You can welcome your companions, neighbors, or relatives to play at your home and have a ton of fun together.

Wrapping Up:

So these are the list of advantages that incite such a profound love for the sport played with a paddle and whiffle ball.  If you are agree with what I have said above and if you are planning to build your own Pickleball court or you want to convert your old tennis court into Pickleball court, we are happy to help you.

Whether you want to build your own Pickleball court or want to convert / resurafce your tennis court into Pickle ball court, at sports surface, we can customize our services according to your budget and court requirements  all around the Florida city. You can also hire our expertise in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville,  Miramar Beach, Orlando and many more. If you are searching for your city name, visit here, “CITIES WE SERVE

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